Our core team consists of world-class talent

Jointly, we have

  • Managed projects and structures worth over $3B
  • Led over 5000 people
  • Won over 50 prestigious national/international honors in math, technology, and business
  • Published more than 20 papers and patents
  • Spoken to over 1200 industry leaders and top government policy makers on 4 continents
  • Generated value for 100% of our customers

headshots-1Alexander Isakov 

PhD Harvard Physics (Partner)

arnavportraitArnav Tripathy 

PhD Stanford Mathematics (Partner)

George Castineiras - Pallantius AdvisorGeorge Castineiras 

MBA MIT Sloan (Partner)

Hans-Helmut Kotz PhD (Advisor)Hans-Helmut Kotz

Professor Economics (Advisor)

Leah Isakov 

PhD BU Biostatistics, MBA MIT Sloan (Advisor)

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Why We Exist

Statistically, success in the world of innovation is defined as striking 1 in 10 shots on goal. We believe that our scientific approach helps us get you to no less than a ratio of 3 in 10.

We sent five employees to the innovation center. They generated several disruptive ideas within a few months. But when they got back to the main unit, the ideas drowned in bureaucracy, and the most creative employees left the company.”
– Head of Innovation, Major German Bank

We have a very challenging issue to manage in the insurance industry. While the data shows that advisors are likely to be disintermediated over time, trying to innovate away from how we currently do business could have a significant impact on our short term financials. Building the future and protecting what we’ve built over a century are at polar opposites of each other. Culturally, we are not prepared!
– President, Major US Insurer

“We will avoid investing our strategic capital along side any major US bank. They are the old money and we are the new money. Their decision process alone will weigh us down.”
– Head of Strategic Investments, Global Financial Services Provider

Our Name

Pallantius brings to mind an ancient Greek connection to Wisdom, Innovation, Craft, and Leadership. Our company strives to embody these attributes through a combination of talent in insurance & banking and science with degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.